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Like to dance… Like to meet people… Then this is what you need!

Like to dance…

Like to meet people…

Then this is what you need!


Chicago Open Interregional

The Chicago Open Interregional is coming this June 10 & 11 at the The Crowne Plaza O'Hare Hotel, Chicago.

The deadline to register is May 23

The Astaire World Championships

Get ready for The Astaire World Championships coming this July 20 - 24, 2011at the El San Juan Hotel & Casino San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The deadlines for registering is Regular - June 7th and Early Bird - May 24th.

Sundance Classic Interregional

The Sundance Classic Interregional is coming this August 25 - 28, 2011. The setting for this event is The Ritz Carlton - Manalapan, FL.

The deadline for registering is July 18th


“THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Our annual benefit was a huge success; we’ve never had so many people dancing all night. Several times I looked and no one was sitting, everyone was dancing. We’ll never go the DJ route again.”

Donna Swanson, LCSW, Simple Gifts Foundation

After all the matchmaking by all your friends and co-workers and  going to bars and clubs is getting old, try getting active in local dance singles' organizations for meeting other dancers or finding someone special, and heck what a chance to expand your circle of friends.

Get up, Get going and join some local singles' social clubs, or a professional dance studio like the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. You’ll not only meet other singles, but you will learn to dance! So attend a local singles dance today. Whether it’s a private dance club, church or social group, you will have a BLAST!

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Success tips for having FUN and meeting people at a dance.

 First and Foremost… be Approachable, be Happy, and stand tall letting others know that you have arrived and you’re ready to have FUN Dancing that night away!

 Now that you look great and feel good what’s next. Do I accept the first dance offer, should I wait… NO, do not wait, get right out there and let the other in the room see you strut your stuff!

 This will set the tone for the evening and you’ll have more fun then you thought possible. And if the person that asks you to dance isn’t what you were expecting… don’t worry just dance. This will set the stage for other to approach you and before you know it you’re dating and dancing.

 Don’t say NO, remember it’s not a commitment it’s a Dance 3-5 minutes TOPS and you’ve just learned Social Dancing 101. Good dance ethics and respect for other dancers what ever level they are will make accepting and being accepted by a group of fun fit dancers the best decisions you made all year.

 But be sure to mingle around taking the time to make new acquaintances along the way. If by chance during the evening you fancy one over others then share some conversation and who knows maybe a future meeting to explore other common interests.

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